DynamicTech Electronic Services Ltd. (DynamicTech) is a one-stop technical support / installation company. We provide professional on-site tech help for both residential and commercial clients. We are locally owned and operate out of North Vancouver. Technology is all around us and rapidly changing. We know the overwhelming feeling this can cause. If you have questions such as: How do I use this? Will this work with that? Why is my device not working? How do I install this? Then we can provide the solutions.  Our technicians come to your place of business or home, troubleshoot the problem and provide a fix. We also deal with new installations and configurations of smart homes, TV mounting, home theatres, and networking infrastructure.

Our Founding

Andrew started the company in 2018 with the goal to be a leading tech support / installation company servicing the Greater Vancouver Area. He has a Masters Degree in Applied Physics, CompTIA A+ certificate, 15+ years in the IT industry and has a knack for technology. He previously worked in the quantum computing field and has gained extensive experience with computers, electronics, networking, software development, and high-tech technologies. On top of this he has profound experience with building science – meaning he can mount your TV perfectly on any wall material, install smart devices, run network cables, and so on. He will make sure your project is done correctly and that you are satisfied with the results.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make your technological experience enjoyable. If you are frustrated with WiFi dead spots — then we want to fix those. If you are stressed about mounting your 75-inch TV on the wall — then let us take care of that for you. If you are a business and have a rat’s nest of networking wires / slow internet — let us clean that up for you, dispose of unnecessary equipment, and increase network speed. Contact us today for all your technological needs – big or small!